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10 Tips How on Weight Lost

10 Tips How on Weight Lost

With an alarming increase in the rate of various health problems amongst women ,it is time that an average women began to take care of her physical health and that of her family . A healthy weight can be achieved by following a balanced diet and increasing physical activity. Make sure that you follow the following tips to achieve healthy physical, mental and emotional state .

1. Never skip your meals , particularly breakfast in the hope of loosing weight . Focus on a breakfast composed of carbohydrates and fruits .

2. No food is �Good� or �Bad� . Moderate and healthy eating is important , focus more on food to be eaten rather than ones to be avoided .

3. Regular exercise is the key to activate metabolism
Include thirty minutes of exercise three times a week into you lifestyle to boost your BMR

4. Never rely on diet pills , potions ,shakes or any products that promise you miracles . They do more harm than good to your body and besides cannot be followed for a longer duration of time .

5. Choose water
Choose water in place of tea ,coffee, and diet soda . Learn to differentiate between thirst and hunger and keep yourself fully hydrated by consuming at least 8-10 glasses of water .

6. Never aim �on a diet � or �off a diet � mentality , rather focus on healthy diet for healthy living .

7. Take charge of your body the moment you discover you have gained extra weight. Never put it until tomorrow .

8. Give your body a rest of 7-8 hrs a day to recycle your body .

9. Practice meditation to achieve a healthy mental state . Only a peaceful mind can think straight .

10. Become conscious of your breathing . Learn how to breathe to fully oxygenate your body .

Whenever you decide to travel on the road of healthy change �focus on a picture of looking better, feeling better and having energy that lasts all day long . Say no to Dieting � in the year 2008 .

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Submitted: 03rd of December 2007, 10:00
Category: Diet / Fitness -> Weight
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