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5 Guidelines to plan your healthy eating diet

5 Guidelines to plan your healthy eating diet

If you need to find the right way to start living healthy, then read this simple guide to learn how to follow the Mediterranean diet principles.

The web today is full of questions to achieve fast weight loss.

It\'s amazing to see people that search for quickly and easily ways to lose weight. They don\'t think about their health, they want only appear nice to the others.

This is one of the main problems of our western societies.

The concept is simple...forget loosing weight and think to live healthy.

Weight loss is only a consequence of living healthy and eating the right foods.

Your attention should be focused on learning the basic principles to eat during the day, choose the right foods and calculate your calories needs.

All of these principles are based on 5 rules:

1. Choose the right food combinations
2. Eating as much as possible raw foods
3. Eat regular and frequently
4. Focus on healthy foods
5. Learn the basic rules of weight loss: Eat less calories and burn more calories

Let\'s start with the basic 10 foods of this diet:

1. Vegetables are rich of antioxidants and anti-cancer properties.

Especially dark green, red and orange colored vegetables are the best to choose. Some examples are: Blueberries, Broccoli, Carrots, Tomatoes and Watermelon.
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Submitted: 05th of January 2008, 12:51
Category: Diet / Fitness -> Eating
Source: www.mediterraneanbook.com
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