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How to Avoid Irritation When Shaving Down There

How to Avoid Irritation When Shaving Down There

There are so many ways to groom your bikini line that it can make your head spin. The least expensive and easiest is shaving so long as you know the proper way to shave. Learn what problems you may encounter and how to prevent or treat them if they occur.

Threading, waxing, plucking, laser, depilatories, electrolysis and shaving... ouch! So many types of hair removal and so little time to decide which one will work for you. The least expensive and least painful choice will always be shaving but you might be worried about the potential side effects especially in your delicate pubic area. Here are some of the potential problems you may encounter while shaving your bikini line and how to avoid them:

1. Razor burn is the skin irritation often caused by a blunt razor or incorrect shaving techniques. It is usually presents as a rash that shows up a day or two after shaving.

2. Ingrown hairs, also known as razor bumps, are red raised bumps on the skin where the hair has curled back into the skin after shaving and it is not uncommon for the bumps to become painful and inflamed.

3. Razor nicks occur when the skin being shaved is cut by the sharp blade of the razor or by pressing or scraping the razor too hard against the skin.


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