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Best Fake Tans on the Market

Best Fake Tans on the Market

The following is an extract from a chapter on self-tan products from Beauty Scoop: The indispensable guide to the best beauty products on the market by Julia Carling and Kate Shapland

The mission: to find you the most effective and user-friendly self-tans on the market. The criteria: our testers judged the self-tanners they tried on their ability to give skin the most realistic fake tan, the speed which the colour developed and the smell - whether it was bearable or telltale (important, because most of our testers said they thought self-tans still smelt awful). They also judged self-tans and wash-off tints on their ability to moisturise skin, ease of application, and lifespan.

L'Oréal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Gel £9.99 for 150ml
Annalise (25) said this was 'one of the best self tans', and although Bridget (38) wasn't convinced by the smell, she felt it 'lasted better than any other I have tried, and I really loved the way it made my skin feel so soft'. As well as smell, lasting qualities were really important to our testers. Lily (41) commented: 'I used this on my arms first of all and it lasted for at least five days before looking a bit tired - even then only I noticed this. It faded gradually rather than in ...

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Submitted: 04th of September 2007, 5:43
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